Gold Box Explorer comes as a ClickOnce application. ClickOnce is a Microsoft technology that enables the user to install and run a Windows application by clicking a link in a web page. There is no file to unzip and the installer to run is simple. You can also just download a zip file containing the binary files. Unzip and run gbexplorer.exe and you'll be all set.

To install Gold Box Explorer using ClickOnce

Firefox Users
ClickOnce installs work fine for Internet Explorer users but if you're using FireFox you'll need to ensure that the Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant add-on is installed.
  1. Inside of Firefox click on Tools then Add-ons
  2. In the search box type ClickOnce and press Enter (you should see the Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant)
  3. Click Add to Firefox
  4. The Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL) is displayed
  5. Click on Accept and Install... to continue the installation
  6. A final confirmation will ask you to continue. Click Install Now
  7. You'll need to restart Firefox to complete the changes. Click Restart Firefox
  8. Firefox is now ready to use ClickOnce

Navigate to the releases page and downloaded the latest release Gold Box Explorer 0.2

Click on the ClickOnce Installer link under the Recommended Download


The Apache 2.0 license will be shown. You must click I Agree to continue installing the program.


A dialog will come up about the publisher. The project is unsigned and will warn you that the publisher cannot be verified. Click Install to continue installing the program.


The program will download the install the application. Once this is done the application will launch in its default state.


You're now ready to start exploring!

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